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Examples of Projects

Special Consultant to Florida's Executive
Office of the Governor

From 1997 to 2000, MAI served as Special Consultant to Florida's Executive Office of the Governor for the Florida Keys. Serving in a liaison capacity for the Governor's Office, MAI interacted with state, local, and federal agencies on a variety of issues including funding sources, comprehensive planning, carrying capacity, wastewater, stormwater, coordinated permit review processes, transportation, land acquisition, and natural resources.


Florida Forever/Preservation 2000/CARL Activities

MAI's involvement in the Florida Forever program and its predecessors range across all of Florida, from the Lower Perdido River Buffer project near Pensacola to the Northeast Florida Blueway near Jacksonville and St. Augustine to additions to the Florida Keys Ecosystem project. With more than 20 years of experience in Florida's land acquisition programs, Jim Muller knows the resources, the process, and the people involved. MAI participates in the Florida Forever process on behalf of state agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations, and private clients.


Florida Communities Trust (FCT) Activities

MAI has participated in the preparation of 16 FCT applications that resulted in more than $20 million in grants to local governments. Projects have included greenways, trails, historic sites, canoe launches, and preserves. Many of these FCT applications, such as Betz-Tiger Point, Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail, and Beach and Peach Urban Park, were for the City of Jacksonville Preservation Project. MAI is active in the entire FCT process, from site selection and application preparation through project ranking and land acquisition.


State Buffer Preserve Management Plans

Muller and Associates and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Office of Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas (CAMA) prepared a management plan template for state buffer preserves. These preserves provide upland buffers to State aquatic preserves. After preparing the template and ensuring that it addressed all statutory requirements, MAI and CAMA worked with preserve staff to prepare the management plans for each preserve.


Land Acquisition Strategy for the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration

Muller and Associates, under contract to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, is working with a multi-agency team to compile information on land acquisition relevant to the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration. The Strategy and its appendices provide a comprehensive picture of lands in South Florida that have been acquired or are targeted for acquisition and that will support the efforts of this restoration. The second edition of the Strategy is expected to be accepted by the Task Force in December 2004. Funds for MAI's participation were provided by the Task Force. As you travel on Alligator Alley, you can learn more about the Everglades restoration efforts on the Everglades Radio Network.


Northern Coastal Basins Reconnaissance Report

MAI compiled, analyzed, and summarized information on conservation lands, natural resources, research and monitoring, land use, land acquisition, and human population for this report for the St. Johns River Water Management District. The District used the report as guidance for the initiation of a coordinated, multi-jurisdictional, basin-wide program in the area from St. Augustine to Daytona Beach.


Seagrass Conservation Projects Survey

Under contract to the Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI), Muller and Associates contacted seagrass researchers to gather information on more than 150 seagrass conservation projects in Florida. MAI compiled a database including project summaries, recommendations, and the names of the agencies involved. The Institute then constructed the Florida Seagrass Conservation Information System, an updatable, internet-based collection of these conservation projects.


Price's Scrub Greenway Management Plan

The DEP Office of Greenways and Trails contracted with Muller and Associates to prepare the management plan for Price's Scrub Greenway. This recent Greenways and Trails Florida Forever acquisition will protect the scrub and other natural communities on site while providing the public with a multi-use trail network. MAI conducted Management Advisory Group meetings, participated in the public hearings, prepared the management plan, and presented it to the Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC) for approval.


Land Management Plan for Indian River
County Public Shooting Range

Under an accelerated timeframe, MAI wrote and ushered this land management plan through the State's approval process for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


A Review of Resources, Settings, and
Problems Facing a Local Land Trust's

MAI documented the ownership, setting, resources and problems of lands in the portfolio of a local land trust and provided management recommendations.


A Survey and Analysis of Conservation
Land Acquisition in Southeastern States

MAI surveyed southeastern states about their programs and funding sources for conservation land acquisition. The client used the information to examine policies and possible funding assistance for their initiatives.



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